Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Sipping on ... iced tea. I'm addicted to it this time of year.

Watching ... mostly "The Bachelorette." I know, I know. It's so terrible, but that's also what makes it so good.

Reading ... an insurance textbook. I have an exam on Friday.

Listening to ... the latest albums from Matt Wertz and Mike Posner. Seriously, so good.

Thankful for ... the sunscreen I wore yesterday. I spent the afternoon at the ballpark with friends, and there was no shade to be found. I got a little tan and none of the burn. Win.

Looking forward to ... my book release celebrations on Monday. I'm doing a local one at my favorite brewery and then I'm going to get online. Feel free to join in.

Lamenting ... that I've been terrible about my workouts in the last month. I miss running and my dance fitness class, and I need to get back to lifting.

Planning ... lots of summer fun. Backyard parties with friends, 4th of July activities, and birthday shenanigans.

What's up with you lately?


  1. I've been addicted to iced tea ever since I gave up soda in April, but agree that it is perfect for this time of year! Congrats on your book release! I think I know the answer to your FB poll :)

  2. Few things feel better than NOT coming home with a sunburn.


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