Sunday, May 29, 2016

Weekly Reads, Vol. 74

Joey's post, "The Whole Story," really got me thinking about how I present myself on my blog and social media. Am I only sharing the "picture perfect" moments?

Not sure which movies are coming out this summer? Karen has an awesome round-up along with her thoughts on some of the releases. She also had some advice on how to be a stellar Uber passenger. I've never used the service, but I still found it very interesting.

Jennifer offered some insight for what it's like to be a mom with anxiety. I think her tips can be helpful for being around anyone who suffers from anxiety whether they have kids or not.

Sarah wrote about what it meant to her to be good enough in various roles in her life. It was an intriguing read and really made me think about what my "good enough" looks like.

This one wasn't in my blog feed, but it popped up on Facebook. One of my favorite music boys, Matt Wertz, talked about starting over. It can be so scary and yet so gratifying in the end.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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