Friday, September 23, 2016

Finding routine again

I am trying really hard to juggle everything -- two jobs (well, I'll be at two after Sunday anyway), boyfriend, writing another book, baseball fandom, reading, friend time, etc. -- while also taking care of my health and fitness. 

I'm still working to find a routine, but things are starting fall into a good pattern. I'll probably go into more detail on each one in future posts, but here's a glimpse of what I'm doing:

- Scheduling workouts
Cardio on Monday and Friday. Strength on Tuesday and Thursday. Free choice over the weekend (and let's be real, I usually choose cardio).

- Weight watchers
I counted calories (via MFP) for a long time, but I found I would not track on days I knew I'd go over because there really wasn't any grace. With Weight Watchers, there is a bit more flexibility. It worked for me last time, so I'm trying it again.

- Sleep
This is the one that needs the most work. With September baseball, getting to bed at a decent hour is nearly impossible, but I'm going to keep trying. Rest is super important for health and for losing weight.

Just three things. That's a start. 

Do you have any advice on these?


Last week's workouts
Friday: Off.
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Off 
Monday: FitFusion (60 minutes)

Tuesday: Strength workout (30 minutes)
Wednesday: Off

Thursday: BodyPump (60 minutes) + treadmill time (25 minutes)

I really wish I could get to BodyPump more than once a week. It just doesn't fit well in my schedule. I might need to clear my schedule a little more because I'm actually growing to love BodyPump again and I can feel the progress.

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