Thursday, September 22, 2016

Stuff & Things 9/22

:: I had so much fun at my friend's wedding over the weekend. She has perfect weather for an outdoor ceremony, and everything was beautiful. We even got to catch up for a few minutes. I miss her a ton!!

:: Sean and I kind of went facebook official with our relationship over the weekend. Well, we didn't change our status or anything (I just won't do that unless and until there's a ring involved), but we posted our first photo together. After 4.5 months, we figured it was time. The response has been a bit overwhelming.

:: I'm really excited to watch the new show "This is Us." I don't have any TV service, remember, so I have to wait for Hulu. And some free time. I'm planning to catch the premiere tonight after my workout. It'll be my reward.

:: I'm more than a little obsessed with the latest batch of Passe at the brewery where I work. It's a single hop pale ale made with citra hops. It's so crisp and fruity. I just love it. I have a glass every shift. And sometimes between shifts.

:: Speaking of shifts, this Sunday will be my last regularly scheduled shift at the library. I've decided to scale back to just two jobs -- insurance and the brewery. They make the most sense geographically and financially. I'll miss the library and those people a ton, but I'm looking forward to a little more time to myself.

:: Musicians I like only sporadically come through my area. Rarely do I have to choose between two shows. But I'm facing such a dilemma on Oct. 13. I already have tickets to see Liz Longley in Ames. And now I've learned Matt Hires is coming to Des Moines. I wish there was a way to see both, but obviously I'll go to Liz because I haven't seen her yet and I already have the tickets.  Still ... sigh.

What's up with you lately?


  1. I'm torn whether I want to watch "This is Us." It looks so good but I feel like it's going to be an emotional roller coaster! I don't know if I'm prepared for that this fall. Big steps with the boy, huh? =)

  2. Love that dress on you! Congrats on going public on FB :) I may have to give This Is Us a try, though I fear it will definitely be more drama than comedy. And yeah, I'd go see the musician I haven't seen before too, especially if I already had tickets. But I can see how that would be a hard decision!

  3. Nice picture of your and your boyfriend! You look very happy. :)

  4. I was very iffy on This Is Us, but thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially once the twist was revealed. Congrats on the big FB update! I never understand couples who rush to post each other everywhere, so I get how big of a deal that is.

  5. It's good to know when to back off (quitting the library job). Just because we can do something doesn't mean we should...I've been in that situation before and it always feels like a relief to let something go.
    Yay for FB official (but not really official :)!

  6. I've heard really good things about "This is Us," but I didn't watch it myself. I'm thinking I might have to!


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