Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Summer wins and fall things

I enjoy setting some goals for each season -- things I want to do or accomplish -- and then evaluating at the end of the season. Fall officially starts tomorrow. Even though I had a great summer, I'm ready for the next season -- postseason baseball, football, changing leaves, and more.

These were my goals for summer: 

- Take advantage of the pool at my apartment complex. - FAIL
I kept meaning to, but it seemed like I wasn't free during the perfect pool days.

- Ride my bike to the High Trestle bridge. - FAIL
For the second summer in a row, this was on my list and didn't get done.

- Finish the first round of re-writes/edits on my next book and start the first draft of the one after that. - SUCCESS
I sent out a draft of the second book in the series to my editors and got a decent start on the third one.


Now it's time to look ahead to the new season and the things on my to-do list for fall.

- Ride my bike to the High Trestle bridge.
Maybe I can actually get it done in the fall? And it might be a prettier ride.

- Make a new wreath for my door.
I have an idea. I just need to execute it.

- Have a Halloween movie marathon of sorts.
I don't do scary movies, but queue up "Hocus Pocus," "Beetlejuice," and "Ghostbusters" and I'm in.

What's on your to-do list for fall?


  1. I don't like scary movies either! I don't mind suspenseful or spooky, but I don't like bloody, gory, horror flicks.

  2. I don't like scary movies...I honestly find Beetlejuice to be one of the creepiest movies though. It's just scary to me.
    I think bike riding in the fall would be better than summer.

  3. The "cute" Halloween movies are leagues better than blood and gore and spooky ones anyways. We have enough horrible things in life, I'd rather watch three sassy witches get owned by a cat named Binx anyday.


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