Friday, October 28, 2016

Superhero 5K recap

Last Sunday marked the sixth anniversary of my first ever 5K (I only know that thanks to TimeHop). Appropriately enough, I ended up doing a 5K on that day. I'd say that's a good way to celebrate!

I participated in the Superhero Heart Run 5K, which aimed to raise funds and awareness for congenital heart defects. Yesterday I found out there were more than 400 participants in the race and we raised more than $15K for the cause. It was a little shy of their $20K goal, but still very impressive. 

As you might know, I usually do my races solo. I don't mind it, honestly. I like being on my own time table. And I usually end up finding interesting people to chat up while I'm waiting for the race to start. But I had company for this 5K. 

My boyfriend ran cross country in high school and college, but he hasn't really done any running since then. For whatever reason, he decided to join me at this race. As the raceday got closer, he expressed nervousness about running again. Mostly, he was worried about his expectations for himself and how he would handle finishing much slower than he did when he was running competitively. I am guilty of comparing my finish times to where I was a year, two years, or three years ago. I know I'm slower, and it's largely because I'm not training as much. Reminding him that the times aren't that important and that the main thing is to finish and feel good was also a reminder to myself.

He ended up finishing quite a while before me and I'm pretty sure he was sore for a few days after. I'm not sure if he'll join me for another race, but it was fun sharing the event with him. Oh, and we got capes. They're pretty cool!


Last week's workouts
Friday: Off
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Superhero 5K
Monday: Off 
Tuesday: Barre
Wednesday: FitFusion

Thursday: Off

I was kind of lazy with my workouts this week. The cool temperatures and early darkness kind of suck my motivation. I'll need to try and find it again soon.

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