Thursday, October 27, 2016

Stuff & Things 10/27

:: I am supposed to be in Minneapolis today, visiting friends and heading to the Tour de Compadres show featuring NEEDTOBREATHE, Welshly Arms, Mat Kearney, and Parachute. But ... life has happened and I realized I needed to put more focus on some of my financial priorities (i.e. buying a house next year). So I surrendered the ticket and am staying home. Adulting, right?

:: Over the weekend, my company upgraded the software I need to do my job. On Monday, there were a ton of glitches with the software. In the first three hours of work, I was only able to use the program for about 20 minutes. It was not a good start to the week. So I decided to cheer myself up by finally spending a Half Price Books gift card I got last Christmas.  Have you read any of these titles?

:: The other day, Eric Hutchinson announced he's going on an indefinite hiatus from touring. That life has to be exhausting, so I can't blame him. I'm really glad I went to see him when he stopped in Des Moines last month. By the way, he's started blogging and has had some excellent posts so far. Check him out if you're interested.

:: My boyfriend brought me "just because" flowers on Saturday. Is there a better kind of flowers?

What's up with you this week?


  1. There is no better kind of flowers!
    I liked The Last Anniversary and didn't finish All the Missing Girls.

  2. Just because flowers are awesome. And, that autumn arrangement is lovely!
    I would never be able to hold onto a gift certificate for books that long.


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