Wednesday, October 26, 2016

What I'm Loving Wednesday 10/26

Usually I have a list of things for this link-up, but today I decided to just have one theme -- Iowa Wild Rookie Camp!

A few weeks ago, I got to attend Rookie Camp, an event that's exclusively for first-time season ticket holders. After attending more than a dozen games last year, I decided to treat myself to a 21-game package for this year. I was really excited about Rookie Camp, which offered a chance to see the arena and learn more about hockey (I'm still VERY new to the sport).  Here are some of my photos from the evening:

After a free dinner, Crash and Joe O'Donnell (voice of the Wild) welcome the crowd.

Wild players Scott Czarnowczan and Chase Lang demonstrated different kinds of moves and shots.
Josh Fisher, senior director of digital content and communications, showed us around the control room and press box.

Assistant Coach David Cunniff explained two of the most common penalties -- icing and off-sides.

With just three days before opening night, the lockers were set up and ready. Each pair of skates costs about $750 and the players go through two or three per season. That's a lot of money!!

Overall, it was a really fun evening, and I learned a lot. It was fun seeing behind the scenes and it's given me a greater appreciation for all that goes into a game and the sport in general.

I hope you didn't mind the single-subject post.

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