Tuesday, January 3, 2017

How to work out without annoying people

I had another post on Festivus, so missed out on the airing of grievances a few weeks ago. Since the new year is a time when a lot of people make a return (or maybe a first trip) to the gym, I thought I'd share some of the things that drive me crazy when I'm trying to work out.

People who crowd me in Zumba/FitFusion.
I've always followed the rule that if you put your arms out and they have their arms out and they don't touch, you have enough space. I have had a few instances where I claimed my spot and then someone joins in literally two steps away from me.  And then they get mad when I almost step on them during a song.  Don't crowd me and I won't punch you during "Confident," OK?


Someone choosing the treadmill next to mine even though there are many options.
This just feels creepy. Especially if you turn on your speed fast. Are you just looking for a race? I'm not interested. I go at my own pace and I won't let you guilt me.


Dudes who grunt while lifting weights.
It's not attractive. It's not helping you with your workout. Just stop.


People who drop the weights loudly.
See above. Also, it's dangerous.


People who walk or bike two-wide on the trail and do not move.
I know you want to visit with your friend, but I'm also trying to work out. I shouldn't have to run on the grass or stop altogether just so you can catch up on your latest family drama. Please share the trail!


Runners who stop in the middle of the course, literally, to tie their shoe, look for their friend, etc.
If you're going to do this, please move off to the side. I shouldn't have to hurdle or dart around you. This has happened to me so many times during races. It's dangerous for so many reasons.


All that said, I never want to discourage people from improving themselves or getting healthy. Do you. Just be considerate of those around you.


  1. LOL!!!! This is the best post ever :-D

    1) People who crowd others in workout classes are also the same people who stand right behind you in line at stores. PERSONAL SPACE, PLEASE.
    2) This is like choosing the bathroom stall next to yours when there are 10 others available....just, no.
    3) UGH...when people walking side by side don't move over for one runner it makes me want to just run right into them!!! So inconsiderate and definitely one of my biggest running pet peeves. It's just common courtesy to move over for someone!!
    4) Oh HELL no. If you're going to stop in a race, in the middle of the road, at least put your hand in the air to signal to others if you can't move over first. UGHHH!!!

    Thank you for these laughs, and also for reassuring me that I'm not the only person who thinks like this!!

  2. TOO Funny! (And SO true!) I used to go to Planet Fitness, and they actually have an alarm that goes off if someone clangs or drops weights. To be fair, sometimes, it's a legitimate accident (my husband had a few of those), but it really helps with those obnoxious people who are just trying to be cool.

  3. The treadmill thing drives me nuts! I'm the same with bathroom stalls. If there are six empty stalls, why are you in the one right next to me???

    And AMEN with the Zumba thing. I don't get the crowding. I know people want to get into that class, but they're just making things bad for everyone.


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