Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Bringing more writing to the blog

A fresh year feels like the right time to re-evaluate things and make changes where needed.

This blog is very important to me, as an outlet and a way of connecting with others. I've been thinking a lot about what kind of space I want this to be as I keep moving forward. So far, I will continue with music shares on Mondays. Tuesdays will be a bit of a mixed bag -- sometimes reading, sometimes just random thoughts and stories. I'm going to stick with Kristin and Jo's Stuff & Things link-up on Thursdays. Fridays will also be random (although I'm starting a special three-part series this week.) As I mentioned on Friday, I'm moving my fitness posts to Sunday. And one Saturday a month, I'll do a round-up of some of my favorite posts from other bloggers.

Did you notice the missing day in there? Wednesday. The middle of the week. Hump day, if you will. I'll likely join in with Rachel's "What I'm Loving Wednesday" every now and again.

One of my best friends sent me this book for Christmas:

I haven't had as much time for writing in the last few months due to higher commitments at work and spending time with Sean. But I really want to get back to my passion for writing -- both in my novels and on this blog. I think this book will be a great tool for engaging, building, and encouraging my writing. I plan to keep up with the daily writing prompts in the book. I'm hoping to find a few entries each month to share in this space.

I'm trying not to lock myself in to too much structure, but I like having some guidelines to go by.

What would you like to see more of from me on this blog? I'm open to suggestions.


  1. I always like just run of the mill life stuff.

  2. Oh I'll have to check that out! I miss my blog! Writing for 40 hours/week and staring at a screen give me little motivation to come home and blog at night but I'm determined to keep up with my posts this year!


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