Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sunday Sweats: Saving money without losing motivation

In the next 18 months, I'm planning to buy a house this year and have a wedding.  In case you aren't aware, those are expensive undertakings. I need to start cutting costs.  Two of the areas I'm cutting are fitness-related.

First is my gym membership. In December, I decided to put it on hold. I would soon be doing all my workouts at work anyway (courtesy of Xtreme Revolution), so it didn't make sense to be paying for the membership in addition. I also wanted to really evaluate how much I missed my membership.  While I do long for my dance fitness class, I was only going to that once a week. That's hardly worth $30/month. I've decided that when my hold is over in March, I will be nixing the gym membership and continuing my workouts at work. I have access to a pretty sweet fitness facility as well as classes and two professionals who can provide personal training. And all of this is free.

Second is races. Last year, I did at least one race a month. At $25 bucks a pop (and that's averaging it out a bit), that's $300. I've decided to cut way back on that. I actually slashed my race budget exactly in half. I've already signed up for one race at $35. I'll probably only end up doing five or six total races for the year. I'm a little worried I'll lose my running mojo. Races kept me motivated to keep training, plus running with other people always challenged me a little. So I'm currently searching for a running group I can join monthly (or maybe weekly). I've found a few local options but haven't committed to anything yet.

Do you have any other advice for saving money without compromising my fitness goals?


Last week's workouts
Sunday - Day 15 Yoga with Adriene
Monday - Xtreme Revolution (cardio) + Day 16 Yoga with Adriene
Tuesday - Xtreme Revolution (barre) + Day 17 Yoga with Adriene

Wednesday -Xtreme Revolution (cardio) + Day 18 Yoga with Adriene (skipped)

Thursday - Xtreme Revolution (tabata) + Day 19 Yoga with Adriene
Friday - Xtreme Revolution (cardio) + Day 20 Yoga with Adriene (skipped)
Saturday - Day 21 Yoga with Adriene (skipped)

Yeah, Yoga with Adriene didn't my schedule so well this week. But I'm hanging with her a little longer.


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  1. Perhaps one thing that can help you stay motivated with running while maintaining your smaller budget is to spread out the races you do across the year. If you're able to space them out more, you'll still be motivated to keep running so you're prepared. As opposed to doing them all in the first few months, and then having not motivators for the rest of the year.


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