Monday, January 23, 2017

Music Monday: Trombone Shorty & That 1 Guy

Last week, I went to a show where I knew nothing about either of the acts taking the stage. I'd seen a few YouTube videos courtesy of Sean, but that was it. But I kind of liked that. I liked going into a venue and having few expectations about what I'd be seeing and hearing.

Trombone Shorty was the headliner. I'd seen people mention him on Facebook the past few years, but I never really investigated him. That was a mistake. He is a supreme talent. The only way I can think to describe his style is contemporary jazz. He's given a modern feel to a classic style of music, and it's thoroughly enjoyable -- especially live. That's really the best way to experience him. So here's a live version of one of the best songs of the night.

The opener for the night was That 1 Guy. I had never heard of him, but he was a very pleasant surprise. He created this massive instrument out of pipe and used it to make a variety of beats and sounds. Some of his songs were nonsensical but still really captivating. And it was hard to stop watching him and trying to figure out how he was creating the different sounds. It's a really long video, but I hope you'll watch a bit of it just to see what he's doing.

Have you ever been completely surprised by a musician or performer?

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