Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Less negative, more positive

I might be imagining it, but I feel like people are especially on edge, angry, and argumentative lately. Everywhere on social media and even in real life, it feels like tempers are more easily triggered and rants are more rampant. Maybe it's the political climate. Maybe it's the winter blues. I don't really know if I can find one direct cause. All I know is I'm tired of it.

Everyone has stuff going on in their life and minds that no one knows anything about. We are all fighting battles in private and putting on a show when we leave the house. What I'm saying is life is hard enough without extra negativity.

Changing these attitudes won't be easy or swift. But it can happen. Maybe if we all try to do one nice thing a day, we can start a new wave - one of kindness.

Here are a few easy suggestions:

:: Buy coffee or breakfast for the person behind you in line.

:: Compliment a co-worker or random person in the hallway on something they're wearing or their hair.

:: Instead of writing an angry comment on the internet, post a picture of a baby animal.

:: Put your phone away when you're with a friend or loved one. Give them your undivided attention for at least a few moments.

:: If you see someone at the grocery store struggling with their cart or groceries -- an elderly person, a mom with an entourage of kids, or someone on crutches -- offer to help.

:: Donate a bag of food or litter to your local animal shelter.

:: Double your usual tip at the coffee shop, bar, or restaurant.

:: Text or call that friend or family member you've been meaning to reach out to but just haven't found the time.

These are just a few suggestions. There are plenty more ways to bring a little light to the otherwise seemingly overcast world.

Will you join me? What are you going to do today or tomorrow to spread kindness?


  1. I just wrote about this topic on my blog the other day too. Everyone is SO negative right now. Life is so much better when you're kind and happy. I love some of these suggestions! <3

  2. You are so right. I can barely stand to watch the news anymore. Things aren't perfect in our world right now, but everyone's constant negativity just continues a vicious cycle of hurt feelings and more negativity.

    It's GREAT to remember to be kind and to take a moment or two out of your day to spread some kindness! :)


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