Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sunday Sweats: 24 days later

A little over two weeks ago, I completed the Advocare 24-Day Challenge.

Here are some of the things I noticed:

- My skin was so clear in that first 10 days.
The entire 10 days. My period happened in there too (sorry if that's TMI), and I usually breakout around that time and I didn't. I can probably attribute this to cutting back on dairy as I've heard that can be a culprit for breakouts.

- I had so much more energy.
I worked out almost every day during the challenge, and I can't remember a day I didn't think I'd make it through the workout. I also felt like my energy was up on my long work days (aka Fridays when I go from day job to job two and end up working about 15 hours).

- I was more focused at work.
It was easy for me to stay on task and not get distracted by my phone or my cube neighbor, etc. My mind felt sharper.

- I felt far less bloated.
Over the past few months, I've had so many days where I felt like a busted can of biscuits or just blah in general. Since I started the challenge, I haven't had a single day I felt like that. 

Oh, and I had some results that were more tangibly measured as well.

- I lost four pounds. All of this came off during the 10-day cleanse phase. I'm not sure what that means exactly, but I'm not going to be mad about it.

- I lost two inches in my chest, one inch in my waist, two inches in my hips, and two inches in my thigh. That's seven inches total. This helped verify comments from a co-worker and my fiance, who said they could see a change.


Now that the challenge is over, I'm maintaining an 80/20 regimen when it comes to food. I eat clean 80 percent of the time and splurge 20 percent of the time. It's not as difficult as I thought it might be. And I feel so much better.

And that's really the crux of it -- feeling better. I know now how I felt before I cleaned up my diet and after. I know which feeling I prefer too. I just need to keep working, planning, and taking care of myself.

Have you ever done the Advocare 24-Day Challenge? If so, what were your results?


Last week's workouts
Sunday - Day 29 Yoga with Adriene (Skipped)

Monday - Xtreme Revolution (cardio) + Day 30 Yoga with Adriene (Skipped)

Tuesday - Xtreme Revolution (barre) + Day 31 Yoga with Adriene (Skipped)

Wednesday -Xtreme Revolution (cardio)

Thursday - Xtreme Revolution (tabata)
Friday - Xtreme Revolution (cardio)
Saturday - Skipped -- but I moved some furniture and changed out six kegs during my brewery shift.

I'm sure Holly and Christy did awesome this week. Go check out their Sunday Sweats posts!

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  1. You've done really great this week!! I loved the 24 Day Challenge when I did it--it was the first thing to teach me about portion control and what to eat vs. what not to eat. I remember having big results my first time, but then not as much after that. The energy stuff is HUGE and I notice that every time I really focus on my healthy eating habits, good sleeping habits, and keep up with my workouts. 80/20 is such a great balance to have and I hope you can stick with it!!! I have no doubt you will ;)

    Have a great week!!!


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