Friday, February 3, 2017

Things that happen once you're engaged

:: Everyone wants to see the ring. This is fine if you have the ring. But if you're like me and the ring has to be sent in for resizing, you spend the first two weeks or so of your engagement with a naked left hand. I felt like such a fraud.

:: Folks want to hear the story of "how he did it." Sean's proposal was very simple and private. It was perfect for us. I just tell people, "he got on one knee at midnight on New Year's Eve." Sometimes I'll add the bits about how he was insisting we stay up until midnight but kept falling asleep. But mostly, I stick to the basics. Not everyone needs to know every detail.

:: You get Facebook friend requests from people you've never met. All of a sudden, once you're digitally connected to another human, his/her friends and relatives think they need to be connected to you too. Sorry, but unless we've met in person, I'm probably not going to add you.

:: Everyone asks when your wedding date is. Thankfully, Sean and I had that narrowed down even before he put a ring on it. Otherwise, this question would be even more annoying.

:: People say, "I can't wait to get my wedding invitation." Um. There are no guarantees you're on the guest list.  And usually the people saying this aren't.

:: Many conversations with your fiance/fiancee involve words like "joint," "add," and "combine." In the near future, Sean and I will be working on joining our phone accounts, adding him to my health insurance plan, and combining our living spaces. He already has a third (or so) of my closet. That's pretty generous, right?

:: You start to bore your friends with wedding ideas and plans. Sorry pals. I'll make it up to you!!

Stay tuned for a post about things I'm discovering as I actually begin the wedding planning. It's an adventure, for sure.

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  1. Such a true list! I always found the question about the wedding date annoying. I mean, obviously, there's a lot that goes into making these decisions, and some people just DON'T know. I don't know why people think that you set a wedding date 4 1/2 seconds after he pops the


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