Thursday, March 9, 2017

Stuff & Things 3/9

:: The other night, I was so tired, I practically hyperventilated while laughing because one of the SnapChat filters made my cat look like Milton from "Office Space."

:: This was my reaction when I found out closing costs were going to be 2/3 of what I expected:

:: Shopping for new house items is half-fun and half-frustrating. Why is it so hard to pick out new bedding?

:: This is how I feel about people who bring a surprise party bus of 20 people to the brewery during my shift and none of them tip:

:: I'm running a 10K on Saturday. I don't feel prepared for it at all. But I'll do my best.

I'm so glad tomorrow's Friday. I'm so over this week.


  1. I'm doing a 5K Saturday with the dogs. Whatever dog is with me will just be enjoying a walk. I'm not in running shape.
    I can never find good bedding when I want it. I only ever see it when I don't need it.

  2. Why are things so hard to find on sale when you need them?! Drives me nuts! Have you checked out Brad's Deals? I see bedding/home goods on their emails all the time. Also Target and Macy's are currently having bedding sales. Good luck with finding something you like, and on your 10K!

  3. Oh, household shopping... it can be such a exhilarating and equally maddening experience! Hang in there. Good luck in the 10K tomorrow and congrats on the reduced closing costs!


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