Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sunday Sweats: Another Xtreme Revolution is over

Eight weeks have never gone as fast as they did with Xtreme Revolution, the workout program at my office. OK, so the first few weeks were kind of slow. But then I blinked and we were at the last week. I'll admit, I'm really going to miss these classes and the challenge.

Sure, there will still be classes (some very similar), but most of the people will drop out. And half the experience was the other people. I got to sweat alongside folks from all departments in my building. Before the program, we probably wouldn't have even acknowledged each other. During Xtreme, there was a sense of camaraderie when we'd pass each other in the halls.

I'm also worried the future classes won't have the same intensity. This program was appropriately called "Xtreme." The workouts were tough. Often, I was sweating within the first five minutes. And I was sore for most of the past eight weeks. But it was the good kind of sore. The trainers really knew how to push us and get us to push ourselves. I need them to kick my butt on a regular basis.

Here are some of my numbers from the program.

Number of workouts: 31 classes + 8 solo workouts
Pounds lost: 2.5
Body fat %: down 0.5
BMI: Down 1.5

Inches lost ...
... neck: 0.5
... bust: 0.5
... waist: 1.5
... hips: 0.5
... bicep: 1
... thigh: 2.25
...TOTAL:  6.25

One minute fitness test
Pre-pushups: 28 (including 7 on toes)
Post-pushups: 31 (including 15 on toes)
Pre-crunches: 41
Post-sit-ups: 25 (for whatever reason, we did different moves at start and finish)
Pre-X-jumps: 28
Post-X-jumps: 39

Maybe the weight didn't come off like I'd hoped, but I still feel really good about the results.


Last week's workouts
Sunday - Off
Monday - Xtreme Cardio & Conditioning
Tuesday - Xtreme Barre
Wednesday - Xtreme Cardio + Abs
Thursday - Xtreme Tabata
Friday - Off
Saturday - Leprechaun Chase 10K ... that was actually a 5K (more on this next week)

I'm sure Holly and Christy did awesome this week. Go check out their Sunday Sweats posts!

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