Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sunday Sweats: Life after Xtreme Revolution

I loved the variety of the Xtreme Revolution program. The instructors incorporated cardio, strength, balance every week, and it was fantastic. It was just what I needed.  When the program ended, was worried I wouldn't find the same enjoyment in the regular classes.

I'm happy to say I was wrong.

The instructors re-vamped the fitness class offerings and so far, I am loving the schedule!

Mondays: Total Cardio Xtreme (although I have been out the last few Mondays, so I haven't gotten to try it yet).

Tuesdays: Booty Camp -- all lower body strengthening and toning.

Wednesdays: Tabata  -- this has become one of my favorite classes. I love the bursts of high impact exercises.

Thursdays: Barre/Cardio -- It's a nice balance of toning and cardio.

Friday's noon class is sport day, but since I'm not very athletic or competitive, I opt out of this one. I intend to use that as a free day to go for a run or do some yoga. Or a rest day when I plan to run over the weekend.

Of course, these are just the noon classes. At 12:30, there are some yoga and core classes. There are also some pre-work classes (Britt's Boot Camp, WOD Strength, Strike, Warrior Strength, and HI to the Weekend) and after work classes (HEAT Aerobic Training, Beach Body Only, Cardio/Core) and WOD Crossfit).

I may check out a few of those if I start getting extra motivated. And since I'll be trying on wedding dresses in a few months, that'll probably happen.

These daily workouts have helped me keep my sanity and some peace as I weathered a move and some other life stresses.

The best part about all these classes (if I haven't mentioned it before) is that they're offered at my workplace for FREE. I used to pay $30/month for a gym membership and there were really only two or three classes I liked (but couldn't always attend). I am really taking advantage of these work benefits. I think it helps that I've found some workout buddies who make the classes more fun and hold me accountable.

Last week's workouts
Sunday - Off
Monday - Off
Tuesday - Booty Camp Class + 2-mile run
Wednesday -Walked for 30 minutes for National Walking Day
Thursday - Barre/Cardio Class + 1-mile run
Friday - Off
Saturday - Iowa Wild Breakaway 5K

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