Friday, April 7, 2017

Things that happen when you're a new homeowner

Well, we've been in the house for a few weeks now. I wish I could tell you we're settled, but that wouldn't be the whole truth. All our things are here. We're able to live and sleep and cook and go to work without much issue, but I wouldn't say we're completely settled yet. Being a new homeowner is quite the ride. This is my second go-round as a homeowner, but it still didn't prepare me for some of these truths.

:: You can't find anything.
I thought I did really well packing, but apparently not. There are still a few items that have evaded me. I JUST found the meat thermometer, apple corer, and can opener. Ugh. It's really frustrating.

:: The packed boxes and tubs never seem to disappear.
Seriously, every time I feel like I'm making progress, I still see things that need to be unpacked and put away somewhere.

:: You make so many trips to Home Depot/Lowe's/Target/Wal-Mart.
There are a lot of little things you realize you need once you've moved in. More garbage cans. More hand towels (especially now that there are three bathrooms instead of one). Something to hold plastic bags. A new spice organizer. It's neverending.

:: You're excited to host friends but then panic about the parts of the house that aren't done yet.
Sean and I so want to have people over for games, movies, etc., but I'm not sure the place is ready yet for a lot of people to see it. Will it ever be ready?

What are some things you discovered to be true when you were a new homeowner?

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  1. Yes to all of these. Especially never being able to find things. I'm 90% sure there's a few things I haven't seen from 3 moves ago.


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