Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunday Sweats: My new morning must

A little over a month ago, I altered my morning routine. Just a little bit. I added one thing.

No, this doesn't have anything to do with the new house or switching bathrooms with Sean (I wanted the bigger shower). It also doesn't have anything to do with the time I get up (although I do get up earlier now that my work hours are different).

The change? Water.

Each morning on the way to work, I consume 8-16 oz of water. I can definitely get in 8 oz, but I've been trying really hard lately to get 16 oz. I might keep increasing that as time goes by to encompass my entire water bottle (32 oz.). OK, maybe I won't finish that in my 15-minute commute, but I'd like to start having more water before I go to my morning beverage of choice -- coffee.

Before this change, the first liquid I consumed was usually coffee. And it was usually a good hour after I'd woken up. I started to wonder if that was the best thing to hit my empty stomach on a daily basis. I didn't read any studies or internet articles or about it, I just decided I should probably do something different for my stomach. I like to keep it happy.

I remembered during my Advocare 24-Day Challenge that 16 oz of water right away in the morning was part of the regimen. I remembered how great I felt during that time. I also seemed to remember at some point reading about how water helps with digestion and metabolism. Hmm. I'd like to help those things.

The most notable difference so far is that I feel more hydrated throughout the day, which is key. Especially since I work out at noon. I'm a sipper when it comes to coffee, so it used to be about 10 a.m. before I drank any water. No bueno.

I also enjoy my coffee more. Waiting for it really does give an enhanced sense of pleasure. Since I've already had breakfast by the time I have my coffee, it almost becomes dessert. Mmmm. 

This small change has made a difference in my days. I just need to start making an effort to continue it on the weekends.

I also found this graphic about the benefits of drinking water at different points each day.

Hmm ... something to think about.

What little change did you make to your daily routine that made a big difference?


Last week's workouts
Sunday - Off
Monday - Total Cardio Xtreme
Tuesday - Booty Camp Class
Wednesday - Tabata Class
Thursday - 2-mile walk/jog
Friday - Off
Saturday - Off

I bought new running shoes last week and I've been antsy to get them out on the trail. Between commitments and some heavy leg workouts at noon, I haven't yet done it. Soon, I hope!

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  1. I've been drinking a lot more water too, and first thing in the morning. It's great! I definitely feel more hydrated and I find that if I drink early enough in the day, I don't feel the need to get up five times in the middle of the night to use the bathroom! I totally agree about the wait for your coffee being well worth it!


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