Thursday, April 20, 2017

Stuff & Things 4/20

:: I thought hanging mini blinds would be a relatively easy evening project. Nope. We spent an hour on it last night and didn't get a single bracket mounted. We gave up. We were both getting frustrated and it was hot. So we gave up. Any tips for getting those brackets installed?

:: The other night, I did sensory training at the brewery where I work. Basically we tasted Bud Light with things added to it that shouldn't have been there. We had to use smell and taste to discern the anomalies and learn what they meant. Really interesting stuff. Even if it meant drinking Bud Light all night.

:: My noon workouts are awesome, but they are kicking my butt. This week felt like a lot of legs. Going down stairs is not a party.

:: Because of my midday sweat sessions, I've stopped even putting on makeup in the mornings because I just sweat it off a few hours later. Mascara only for me these days ... unless I'm going out in the evening.

:: At the recommendation of Kristin, I've started listening to the Daily Hope podcast. I don't consider myself religious, but I do have faith. And this is a nice dose of positive energy without being preachy.

What's up with you this week?


  1. It's mascara only or nothing for me most days.

    MFD just installed blinds last weekend. Were there blinds in the windows before? Usually you just drill them in sort of using the old things as a guide?

  2. I've never attempted a blind installation. I'd give up, I'm sure

    Glad you like Daily Hope! It's just so practical.


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