Friday, May 5, 2017

Five things that happen when you're planning a wedding

I've been engaged now for just over four months. We will be getting married in about 13 months. Wow. That makes it seem sooner than I thought. But really, it's still early in the planning stages, but I'm already noticing some trends.

:: People constantly ask how the plans are coming along.
I wholeheartedly appreciate their interest and honestly don't mind the question most of the time. But every now and then it makes me wonder if I should be doing something more.


:: Everyone offers advice and warnings. 
This is kind of related to the above item. And, again, it's very appreciated. One of the benefits of getting married later than a lot of friends is seeing what worked for them and what didn't. I've already decided to do some kind of receiving line after one of my friends told me she wished she hadn't skipped that. Even with a limited guest list, she said there were still a lot of people at her wedding she didn't have time to speak with. I want to at least say "hello" to each person and thank them for coming. I also want to know what caterers, dress stores, etc. were difficult to work with. Ain't nobody got time for that.


:: You start looking at the cost of wedding venues and promptly faint.
When you wake up, you search for cheaper alternatives. Seriously. I don't need fancy linens or a fountain or high tech lighting. I just want a place that's easy to get to, will look good in photos, and will hold our guests. Fortunately, we found the perfect place. It suits our theme, has room for our guests, a bar, and our band. We booked it very quickly.


:: You are suddenly grateful you have friends and family with a multitude of useful talents. 
Among my list are a photographer, a musician, a hotel professional, and several crafty folks, all of whom have offered up their talents and some discounts. These relationships will save me money, stress, and time. I'm so thankful for these folks.


 :: The guest list becomes less of a "who I want at my party" and more of a "who do I like enough to pay for them to eat." 
And that list gets very small very quickly. Honestly, I think the guest list is going to be the biggest headache. Our venue holds 200 people. He has a large family (those Catholics and their breeding). There are going to be some tough invitation cuts. Maybe I'll just use this flow chart:


Honestly, I feel good about where we are in our planning. We've already made most of the important decisions (date, location, entertainment, photographer, caterer, theme, beer). It probably helped that we talked a lot about what kind of wedding we wanted before he put a ring on my finger. It also helps that (so far) we've agreed on everything so far. Without too much discussion. It's sailing by pretty easily. I'm crossing my fingers that it keeps going that way.

Any advice?


  1. We (I) planned our wedding in about 6ish months. I just remember lots of list-making. Honestly, the receiving line was exhausting and I wish we *hadn't* done it. Plus, I had a veil, so every hug pulled it down and tugged on my hair.

  2. Now I'm afraid to comment because I don't want to be one of those people who give too much advise. Haha! My big tip is to stick by Sean's side for most of the night. Jacob and I sort of wandered away from each other after we ate to try and say hi to everyone and catch up with friends and family and we ended up spending a lot of the night apart. Granted, we had already been married two weeks (wedding in Vegas, reception at home) so it felt more casual and he didn't know it was an issue for me until after the fact. Also, take some time alone together. Go outside to catch your breath and just enjoy it a few times. It flies by!

  3. I couldn't understand how obsessed people were with my "colors" and how shocked they were that we didn't have a color scheme. Why do you need colors? Who cares?! We didn't have a receiving line which bothered a lot of people initially, until they realized that we were going to be at our cocktail hour (which I guess a lot of people miss) and we were able to greet all of our guests there, which was great! You'll be fine - the most important thing is that you do things the way you and your fiance want to do them. It's YOUR day!


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