Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sunday Sweats: On the run

As I've mentioned in a few of my last fitness posts, I know I need to be running more. It's the only thing that will make my races easier and more enjoyable. It's not really about how many miles I'm logging, it's more about how many days I'm putting my running shoes to work.

And I want to. Really, I do. I love running. I enjoy getting out in the fresh air, away from social media, work, house chores, and other obligations. Running is when I find a lot of mental clarity and push out a lot of other emotions. It's one form of therapy I employ.

This past week was pretty good. I ran three times. Sure, I only covered six miles. But there have been many months recently that I didn't even log that. So I'm happy with getting out three times in the last week.

My May goal is twice a week, but I'm probably going to try and push beyond that to three times.

The biggest thing is convincing myself I have time. I'm not doing long runs, so it's not like I need a whole afternoon. Most of the time, even a half hour will do the trick. On Tuesday, for example, I got home just before 4 p.m. I changed into running clothes, did a short warm-up (walked to the trail, basically), ran two miles, and then a short cool down. I was showered and sitting down at my computer just before 5 p.m. An hour. That's all I needed to get in a decent run AND get cleaned up. I could probably cut that in half if I just want to get in a quick mile.

How do you convince yourself to work out when you're tight on time?


Last week's workouts
Sunday - Off

Monday - Total Cardio Xtreme

Tuesday - Booty Camp Class + Core + 2-mile run

Wednesday - Tabata

Thursday - Barre/Cardio Class
Friday - Arms + 1-mile run
Saturday - 1.5-mile walk/run (I really wanted to run, but my legs did not.)

I mentioned on Thursday that I'm feeling more motivated to work out. This proves it!!

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