Friday, June 16, 2017

A mini house tour

I've been promising a tour of our new place since we moved in three months ago. There are still a lot of empty walls and some projects we want to tackle, but for the most part, we're settled. So here it goes. Fair warning -- I did not do any staging, I simply took photos when the house was at its tidiest.

The front door that no one uses because our driveway is in the back. We enter through the garage into the kitchen and usually have our guests do the same.

 The kitchen. We love the amount of space we have (probably double what I had in my apartment), and we like our beer growler collection (on top of the cupboards) too. 

The dining area. The table was Sean's grandpa's before he moved into assisted living. I really like it, and it's nice to have something with some sentimental value. We plan to recover the chair cushions eventually.

The living room. Cleo thought she'd be a model. I love all the natural light and the fireplace. For above the fireplace, we're seeking a print or photo of the Des Moines skyline. We haven't found it yet. We'll probably do a gallery display on the other big wall. Also, yes that's an 'N Sync blanket on the ottomans (covering the corners the cats have destroyed).

 Our little patio off the living room. I love having the view of the pond.

My bathroom. I originally had the one right off the bedroom but the shower was not very conducive to leg shaving. Or all my products. So the one in the hallway is mine now.

The guest room. Nothing fancy. Only Sean's parents have stayed in it so far. Anyone want to come visit?

Our bedroom. That bed is my favorite purchase ever. The room has a music theme (see my Parachute and Ben Rector show posters and his Dave Matthews Band poster). We're still searching for something to put over the bed. And also a headboard.

Sean's bathroom and our closet. It's not picture perfect. This is real life. Deal with it.

There's also an unfinished basement and a half bath off the kitchen, but neither of those things is really photo worthy. The laundry is at the top of the stairs on the second level.

It's pretty basic at this point, but we're just happy to be in a place that's all ours. Once the wedding is out of the way, maybe we'll start thinking about the little projects we want to do.


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