Saturday, July 1, 2017

Best of the Bunch: June 2017

I've been running for a handful of years now. It wasn't always easy. At times, it's still hard. Monica has some advice for how to stick with running.

Holly is one reason I stick with running. She's so inspiring to me. Recently, she wrote about how she runs one 5K a week. I might have to steal that idea.

I haven't made it to the theaters to see "Wonder Woman" yet, but I really want to. Karen's post on why Wonder Woman is great has made me even more excited to see this movie.

I've been warned by friends that the "when are you having kids?" and "are you pregnant?" questions will be looming after I get married. Juliette shared some real stories of times she's been interrogated about the status of her womb. Sigh. Not looking forward to this.

I'm still in the midst of wedding planning and I'm taking in all the advice being tossed at me (and there's a lot). I liked quite a few of the points Taylor made regarding wedding do's and don'ts. I'll be keeping them in mind as I proceed.

Kristin wrote about failure, how she perceives it and works through it. I related to so much of her post. Setbacks (personal or professional) can be so defeating and deflating. It can be hard to see how anything positive could come out of them.

Joey offered another perspective on struggles and why it's important to keep going.

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  1. Hi, Micah! I've been so out of the loop for a couple of weeks, but this was such a nice surprise! I know you're super busy these days, but I hope you get to see the movie soon!


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