Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Advice for my "niece" and other young ones

A lot of my friends have kids. This definitely changes the friendship a bit, but it's not a bad thing. I get to be an honorary aunt to all these little girls and boys. It's fun watching them grow and getting to play a small role in their lives.

When one of my nieces celebrated her first birthday, her parents requested that in lieu of gifts, we each write a letter to the birthday girl. The letters will be kept safe until she turns 13, at which point she'll open them. I took this assignment very seriously and penned what I hope will be perceived as a thoughtful letter. Then again, she'll be a teenager, so who knows.
Within the letter, I decided to share a few snippets of advice. I thought it could appeal and apply to all littles, so I'm sharing them here.

-- Chase your passion. Your dad might want you to play sports. Your mom might want you to be a dancer. Don't be afraid to try both. Or explore something different altogether. 

-- When you get your heart broken, let yourself feel whatever it is you're feeling. And then only dwell on it long enough to learn from it. Every crack is a chance to see what it is you really want and what is really meant for you. Once you figure that out, go out and find it.

-- Spend time with your grandmas and grandpas. You are lucky to have so many of them. When you get older, you will treasure the time you had with them.

-- You might not think your parents understand you or what you're going through, but believe me, they do. They've been through it all. And any hurt you're feeling, they're feeling it too. They want what's best for you and will always have your back. Always. (And so will I.)

-- You are strong, gifted, smart, and so very loved. Never let anyone make you doubt any of these things.

What advice would you give to the littles in your life?

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  1. This is wonderful advice. I think it will be helpful for a teenager to hear from someone other than her parents that they DO get what she's going through. We never seem to believe that as teenagers!


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