Thursday, August 24, 2017

This & That 8/24

:: The other day, I heard "Dirty Dancing" was 30 years old. Unreal. Of course, I had to go home and watch it that night. This movie could never be made in 2017. And while I didn't hate "Havana Nights," I'm OK if they don't make another adaptation.

:: I like trying things other bloggers recommend. Earlier this month, I bought a Turbie Twist after reading Ricci's post about her curly hair routine. So far, I love them!

:: The other day, I did something I've done maybe twice in my adult life -- I left work early because I didn't feel well. What started out as a slight headache in the morning blossomed into a massive pain that went from forehead to the nape of the neck. It felt like someone had driven an ice pick through my head. On top of that, I had nausea and shakiness. And Sean said I looked really white. I tried to power through the day, but ended up packing it up at 12:30. I'm pretty sure I experienced my first migraine. And hopefully my last. That was terrible.

:: Have I mentioned lately how much I love powder dip manicures? Here's what mine currently looks like after four weeks. FOUR WEEKS. I'm getting it re-done this weekend, but man, I love how long it lasted.

:: My Monday ended with a double rainbow. Seriously, how beautiful is this? The picture really doesn't adequately capture how VIVID the colors were in the bottom rainbow.

What's new with you this week?


  1. Did you have a tension headache? I hope you're feeling better!

    Love the rainbow photo and of course Dirty Dancing.

  2. I want to try the Turbie Twist. I have really thick, curly hair that takes forever to air dry (I don't blowdry in summer- too hot). Love the double rainbow picture! Hope you're feeling better!

  3. I've been using the turbie twist for many years every time I wash my hair, I have naturally curly hair as well but not as curly as yours! I love it, keeps my wet hair off my neck too which helps when getting ready in the humid bathroom


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