Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Show Us Your Books: July

Life According to Steph

I'm almost afraid to say this. I don't want to jinx myself or scare away what's happening. But ... I think my reading mojo is back.

Most of this year, I've struggled to read one or two books a month. That's not like me. I used to be able to knock out five or six. In addition to my two jobs, moving, wedding planning, and editing my own novel took a lot of time, but I don't think that was really the problem. It was part of it, sure, but I think the bigger issue was that I wasn't finding stuff that captivated me to the point where I wanted to read more than anything else.

I think I fixed that this past month. What did it take? Some lighthearted, humorous, and contemporary romance novels. Go figure.

Here's what I've read recently.

This was not one of the books that broke me out of my funk. I decided to try this one on audiobook, hoping it would entertain me during work and get me back into reading. But it didn't work. Maybe it was the narrator. I don't know. I still don't love Sophie Kinsella novels as much as most people. Maybe I'm just not finding the right ones.

Jenna is stuck in the 80s in terms of her interests and her wardrobe. She's even sworn off dating because she's hung up on her teen celeb crush. Suddenly, she travels back in time during a lightning storm and gets to meet the man of her dreams and live the life she's been longing for. The concept is a little outlandish, but I thought it was an entertaining read.

THIS WAS THE BOOK. This story turned me back into a voracious reader. I've been casually following the author on Twitter through another author friend and when I read the synopsis of her novel, I knew I had to get it. Kat is in a bit of a sex drought because of malfunctioning lady parts and she's on a mission to get them back in working order by her anniversary. Meanwhile, she's also trying to catapult her cupcake business to the next level. There are so many cringe-worthy and laughter-inducing moments in this book. And the characters are all so enjoyable. I'd actually love to read more about some of her cupcake cohorts.

I devoured "The Two-Night One-Night Stand" a few months ago and was pretty excited to discover there was a follow up. I needed more of Matt and Holly. Their own snafus brought most of the drama in the first book, but this time it's their friends and family. As they plan their wedding, everyone has different ideas about what Holly and Matt should do. There are points when Matt and Holly don't even seem to be in control of the day, nor do they seem to know how to take control. This book is funny and a perfect conclusion for Matt and Holly's tale.

Bailey and Koralynn are more than best friends. They're sisters (without the DNA link). They would do anything for each other and as this story follows trials of their adulthood, their bond is put to the test. This book reads a lot like a soap opera. There are so many twists and tangles. But I couldn't put it down. I had to know how it turned out.


That's right. I consumed five books in the last month. Honestly, I read the last three just last week. I could not put my Kindle down. It feels good to be back in the reading mindset.

Have you ever been in a reading funk? How do you pull yourself out of it?


  1. Finding Audrey is sad. I liked the family dynamic but it's definitely not uplifting.
    I would try The Undomestic Goddess if you want a decent Kinsella. Also, Can You Keep a Secret? is one I re-read often.

  2. Isn't it awesome to feel like you're back in the swing of things?

    I don't typically try to pull myself out, I let it go. But I do pick up a lot of different books to see if anything will grab me and I put them right down if they don't.

  3. yay reading mojo! not jinxing it or anything! i love the 80s sounds adorable. adding it. also adding The Awkward Path to Getting Lucky. sounds fabulous!

  4. Reading funks suck. I don't work hard to pull myself out and usually I just roll with it and see what happens.

  5. I hate reading funks because reading is my favorite past-time. Sometimes rereading a comfort read can help me reclaim my mojo. And sometimes it's just time and stumbling into a few good books like you did.

  6. I'm totally in a reading funk. Not sure how to get myself out. With the new baby boy, I have had lots of time stuck in the couch feeding or him while he sleeps, but I prefer to pick up my phone instead. (Not a good quality for a reading teacher....hahaha)
    Glad you're out of your funk! I think I just need to read something new that excites me to get out of my funk!

    1. I fell into that same habit after having our daughter! I just knew I would get a lot of reading done during all of those feeding sessions, but I played more Candy Crush than I ever want to admit to playing...

  7. Reading funks are the worst. I'm hoping that I am coming out of one right now. I barely read in June or July. I miss it so much! Hopefully I find my gem! hehe Looking into The Awkward Path of Getting Lucky sounds so fun. XO - Alexandra

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