Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Things I don't ever feel like doing

I stole this idea from Steph and Stephanie because I found it humorous and it offered some good insight into who they are. That's my favorite thing about blogging -- learning about people.

Anyhow, without any further rambling, here is a list of things I am never in the mood to do:

Put away clean laundry.  
Washing and drying clothes is easy. The last part

Clean the litter box.  
This is one household chore I would hire out if I had the option.

Thank goodness Sean takes the lead on this one most of the time.

Read non-fiction.
I have found a few I liked but it's never my first choice.

Try on clothes.
I like having new things to wear, but I don't like the fitting room part. 

Watch "Game of Thrones" or "The Walking Dead."
I feel like I'm the only person who doesn't watch one or both of these. They just don't interest me.

Be the passenger in a car.
I like to drive. And be in control.  

Pay bills.

Drink tequila.
Thanks to a bad experience in my early 20s, margaritas will never appeal to me. 

Obstacle course races.
I love running, but don't sign me up for anything that involves crawling in mud or climbing over a huge fence.

Swim in a lake or river.
If I can't see the bottom, I'm not going in the water. 

What are some things you never feel like doing?


  1. I actually like doing dishes - I find it therapeutic. I don't want to do ALL the dishes ALL the time, but sometimes it's a good place for me to think!

    I never feel like reading non-fiction or putting away laundry. I have THREE loads to put away tonight.

  2. Putting away laundry is the worst part, for sure. I also hate dusting. Actually, I hate housekeeping in general. The tricky thing is that I prefer things neat and organized. I'm very complicated. Haha

  3. GoT and TWD are almost like work to watch. I never would've started were it not for Scott. However, I go through seasons where I watch and seasons where I don't. I can usually pick it back up. TWD's season 1 was the best one and GoT ebbs and flows. The current season is pretty good.


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