Sunday, October 29, 2017

Sunday Sweats: My worst critic

You shouldn't have eaten that.

You should have done a second workout today.

You should have gone for a run today.

You shouldn't have taken the day off from working out.

These are all things I've heard in my mind in the last few weeks. And, if I'm being honest, some of them have been heard the last few years.

As I work toward a better me, I find I'm my own worst critic. I beat myself up if I don't eat right enough of the time. I feel guilty if I skip a workout or two. I feel like I'm letting people down when I do that. The truth is, the only person I'm letting down is myself. But that still feels terrible.

My life has been crazy the past few weeks, so I didn't work out as much as I had planned. Instead, I took a few hours for myself -- to read, sit and watch TV, or catch up on blogs. I struggled with this. I would second guess my decision for hours leading up to the me time and even beyond. I know part of me needed those breaks. Why does it make me feel guilty?

How can I turn off this voice? How can I tell myself that a few missed workouts will not break me? I need to stay disciplined in my workouts ... but can I do that without being hard on myself?

I guess that's something I need to keep working on.


Last week's workouts
Sunday - Off
Monday - Cardio with Colby (30 mins)
Tuesday -Total Body Strength (30 mins)
Wednesday - Group run (35 mins)
Thursday - One-mile run + exercises at home (45 mins)
Friday - Off (Noon fitness class was cancelled and I was disappointed and unmotivated to do my own workout.)
Saturday - Off

Kind of a slacker week.  Oops. See ... that's what I mean about criticizing myself. Instead of acknowledging that I did four workouts this week, I can only see that I missed a few days and didn't do any double workout days. Sigh.

Also, to encourage my running, I'm joining Run, Eat, Repeat's Pile on the Miles Challenge which starts Nov. 1. 

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