Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Great Pumpkin Swap reveal

This year, I was paired with Nicole at Adventures of a Semper Fi Family. She's on a bit of a social media/blogging hiatus, but we exchanged emails to get to know each other a little better. She's a reader who has to capture fall in her coffee beverages because there's not much of it in the air where she lives. I can relate after four years in Texas in my early 20s. I tried my best to send a little fall to her.

Last week, I received a package from her. When I opened it, I admired all the colorful tissue paper and read the very thoughtful card.

The collection of teas are going with me to work to help me warm up during the day.

I can't wait to dive into the book she sent. I'm currently reading a romance series, but I like to change it up. The thriller might be up next.

Unfortunately, the candle didn't quite survive the trip, but I'm still burning it. On a plate so the wax that escapes the broken glass won't get all over the counter.

The socks are currently in the laundry as I wore them immediately upon receipt.

Shopping for her was a lot of fun, and I hope she enjoys the package I sent her as much as I've enjoyed the goodies she sent me.

Thanks to Kristin and Becky for hosting this wonderful swap.


  1. What fun goodies!

    Stopping by from the swap linkup. Https://www.bluesfansforever.blogspot.com

  2. Thanks for joining!

    Nicole was my partner last year and she's so fun to follow online.
    That book is a nice and suspenseful fall read.

  3. I love those socks! I'm glad the candle still smells good, despite the mishap. What a fun swap!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven


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