Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Wedding Wednesday: Engagement photos

As I got ready to do this month's wedding update for the blog, I realized I hadn't yet shared our engagement photos. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on photos that would only get minimal use. Fortunately, one of my best friends is talented with a camera, so she accompanied us to Principal Park in Des Moines for a photo shoot. It was a really hot and humid day, but I don't think that's too obvious in the photos. Enjoy a few of my favorite shots from the day.

When I first received the photos, all I could see were my flaws. But then I got feedback from friends and family who didn't seem to see any of the things I thought were so painfully obvious. I've since done a better job of silencing that inner voice that criticizes me. It's an ongoing battle.

Overall, I love the photos and am still trying to figure out what to do with them all. Maybe a photo book?  What did you do with your engagement photos?


  1. I love that you went to a ballpark! Maybe a lot of people do that these days, but it's fitting for you :)

  2. Im glad you love them, all I see is beautiful!

  3. I agree with Kristin! These photos perfectly capture the two of you, and you look great! :)

  4. Love these - they're perfect! I still haven't done anything with my engagement photos (7 years later... oops) other than post them to Facebook.

  5. Wow, these engagement photos are just so cute. I am totally very impressed with these ideas. We have also been planning to have a fun engagement shoot as well as family party so would be booking a nice LA venue for the dinner.


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