Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Things I'm good at

... following a recipe.

... making lists and spreadsheets. This is the only thing keeping me sane during wedding planning.

... writing. Sometimes I doubt myself on this, but most of the time, I think the skill is there.

... selecting gifts. Most of the time. Some people are really difficult.

... pouring beer. There is some technique and art to it.

... filling up my Kindle with books. I have full intentions of reading them all. Someday

... scoring a baseball game.

... befriending cats.

... overthinking and overanalyzing things.

... showering and getting ready for the day post-workout in less than fifteen minutes.

... encouraging people and being a bit of a cheerleader. I'm much better at doing this for others than I am at doing it for myself.

I thought I'd balance yesterday's listing of my weaknesses with a few of my strengths. Or at least attempt to balance. Somehow, listing positives about me is not as easy as the negatives.

What are some things you think you're good at?

1 comment:

  1. I hope I’m a good mommy and a good wife, I’m a good listener, I’m a good cook or at least I like to think I am, I’m good at organizing parties


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