Thursday, March 1, 2018

This & That 3/1

:: The last few days, my permalinks have not worked, which has been really frustrating. I hope they work today. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I am not code/tech/blog savvy when it comes to that stuff.

:: I don't think I mentioned it, but a few weeks ago, I received a promotion at work. I've been working towards it for the past year and a half, so I was very excited about it. My job responsibilities don't really change, but it's more money and a step up in general. I'm feeling encouraged about where I am in my career ... and let's be real, I never thought my career would be in the insurance industry, but it's working for me.

:: I have my first dress fitting today. I am very nervous, mostly about what they're going to quote me for alterations. Cross your fingers for minimal, easy changes.

:: Last week was super busy, so I purposely made this week a little lighter in the evenings. It's been nice to be home, actually cook dinner, and relax for a few hours each day. I wish every week could be like this, but I'm also not willing to give up some of the things that take me away from home in the evenings. Ahh ... the joy of being an introvert with FOMO.

:: The Oscars are this weekend and I don't think I've seen a single one of the nominated films. I'm just not good at going to movies, but I love listening to other people talk about them and reviewers. Do you have any favorites for the awards?

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