Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Wedding Wednesday: All the moons

Wedding planning is so hit or miss. I love parts of it and hate parts of it. At the moment, I'm completely over it and am just ready to have my extra time, money, and head space back. But we have 93 days to go, so I'll have to hang on for a a little while longer.

One aspect I think everyone gets excited about -- the honeymoon.

Actually, there's no booking to be done at the moment as Sean and I are actually planning to delay our honeymoon until next year.

We have our sights set on going to Spring Training in Arizona!! Our teams (the Rangers and White Sox) both train in the Phoenix area. I've been down there once and he's never been. We decided it'd be fun to escape the Iowa winter and go see our favorite boys of summer as they prepare for a new season.

Waiting will allow us time to save money and wait for a fresh bank of PTO (neither of us has much to start with and we're using a lot for the wedding and related activities). And it gives us something to look forward to after our big day has passed.

However, I've had a lot of people encourage me to look into a mini-moon. A weekend getaway or even just an overnight stay somewhere right after the wedding. I really do want to do this. After all the work and stress involved with the wedding, it would be nice to escape.

The trouble is scheduling. I'm already taking so much time off of both jobs for the wedding. Plus, an event I'm involved with is just two weeks after our wedding and will require me to take more time off from both jobs. So when are we supposed to go?

For a brief time, I considered just getting an AirBnB for the Sunday night after our wedding. One of my best friends actually offered this as a wedding gift. However, I'm not sure it would really give us much reprieve. We will probably still be with family until Sunday afternoon and most AirBnB's have a checkout time of 11 a.m. So we'd really just go somewhere to eat and sleep. Doesn't seem very economical or relaxing to me. Plus, after two nights in a hotel (where I'm staying the night before the wedding and we're both spending our wedding night), I have a feeling I'll want to be in my own bed again.

Did you do a mini-moon in addition to a honeymoon?
Do you think it's OK if we wait a month or so for our mini-moon?

I'd love to hear some thoughts and opinions.


  1. I think the idea of the mini moon is a great one since you don't have as much time off. There are plenty of places in the Midwest that would be quick and fun.

  2. I think a mini moon would be fun and waiting a month allows you both to calm down post-wedding. As you said, there's so many things you'll still be handling immediately following the big ceremony. Your actual honeymoon next year sounds right up your alley! That will be so much fun.


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