Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Show Us Your Books: February 2018

Life According to Steph

I am highly disappointed in my February reading. I only picked up one book. And I only finished one book. It took me a long time to get through it, but not because it was a particularly long or difficult book. For whatever reason, my interest just wasn't there. Sigh. So should we talk about my solo completion?

The synopsis of this book is what pulled me in. A happily married mother of three receives a photograph in the mail one day that turns her life upside down. They didn't give much more information than that and, of course, I HAD to read it and find out what kind of photo could destroy a woman's life as she knows it. And it took a long time for me to get that answer. Well, the author describes the photo early on, but that alone doesn't explain why it was so unsettling. The story wavers between past and present, and all of it is written as a letter from the woman to her son. Maybe that's why I had so much trouble with it -- the writing style was really uncomfortable for me, for some reason. I've read other books in this style, but usually it's mixed in with some third person writing, which helps a little. I also had a hard time finding any affection or even empathy for the main character. She just wasn't very likeable and came off as kind of rude, pouty, and entitled at times. I'm glad I stuck with the book and finished it because it does make some points about how small decisions can have bigger effects. But I haven't yet decided if I'll pick up another book by this author.

As I said, I'm disappointed in myself and am going to try and at least double my efforts in March.


  1. A book that doesn't interest me takes me forever to get through, too. Which is why I have no problem with the DNF. But sometimes after I DNF a book, it's hard to pick up a new one right away.

  2. Everyone goes through reading slumps at some point...hope you have more fun reading this month!

  3. that book does sound interesting based off the synopsis, but your review convinces me it wouldn't really be my jam. that style of writing really bothers me for some reason. hope march is a better month of reading for you!

  4. I tried to start this one and stopped, I'm not sure if I'll go back to it or not. Probably not.

  5. I would have likely picked up the book based on the description too. And it's so hard for me to DNF a book. I just keep slogging through while it kills my reading mojo.

  6. Interesting premise, but sorry the writing style wasn't quite for you! I think I'd get annoyed with the MC as well.


  7. Reading slumps are the worst. Oh well, just keep reading, you'll get out of it eventually! :) XO - Alexandra

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