Saturday, April 7, 2018

Best of the Bunch: March 2018

Steph wrote about what it means to really be there for someone, particularly in a time of grief. She analyzes her own methods as well as those she's observed.  Also, Steph is one of the biggest champions for women, and she throws up some Women's History Month thoughts in this post.

Joey explains why adults should be reading young adult novels. I didn't really think about it in the way she presented. But now I am. Additionally, she talked about the perils of multi-tasking.

Jana penned a great note to her daughter about money. We all need to be talking to our children about finances. It's a skill I have had to learn the hard way. And am still learning.

Kelly takes a look at the concept of balance. She insists it's possible but doesn't necessarily look the way we think it does. My favorite line was "balance is not perfection."

Looking for your next good read? Go check out Jen's favorite books so far this year.

Nadine shares a secret mom behavior. Maybe you have one to disclose too.

OK, and this post is from April, but I wanted to include it because Samm's baby is undergoing surgery on Monday. I'm sure they could use all the prayers and good vibes possible.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Thanks for including me! I loved Jana's note to her daughter too. Missed Joey's YA post, going to check that out.


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