Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The #Last90Days challenge

I wasn't going to publish a post today, but then I read Holly's post about the Last 90 Days Challenge around 9 p.m. I was motivated. I got out of bed and ran down to get my computer.

After reading Rachel Hollis' book, "Girl, Wash Your Face," I became a fan. I related to so much in the book, and I wanted more. Holly was the one who pointed me to Rachel's podcast about the Last 90 Days challenge, and I loved it. It's a great way to look at the end of the year. Too often, we only look at our goals for the start of a new year and hit the ground running in January. But why not finish strong too? Why not make a good push towards some milestones in the final days of the year?

I'm on board.

Here are my five goals for the final quarter of the year:

ONE  ::  Publish at least four blog posts per week.
My blogging game has been pretty weak as of late. I really want to get back on track. It will really just come down to planning out my content and then actually sitting down to write it. Four posts a week isn't difficult.

TWO  ::  Work out five days each week -- and make at least two of those double-workout days.
I do pretty well at working out regularly, but I need to keep it up. And I need to add some extra workouts now and then to really push myself.

THREE  ::  Schedule eight hours of writing per week.
I really want to finish my next novel. I don't have much more to do, but I need to get to it. The only way that'll happen is if I actually open the document and work on it.

FOUR  ::  Copy recipes onto cards for our collection.
I have a bunch of favorites printed from the internet. I need to sit down and copy them onto cards for our recipe book and box.

FIVE  ::  Read 14 books.
That's how many I need to complete my GoodReads challenge for the year.

I'll provide progress reports each 30 days (that'll help with one of my goals, right?) to help me measure my success and adjust as needed.

If you want to join, there's still time -- click over here to Rachel Hollis' site

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  1. I am terrible at writing down recipes. I can barely be bothered to type them at this point.


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