Friday, September 28, 2018

Friday Fiver: Favorite things about Fall

Changing leaves
This was one of the things I missed most during my four years living in the south. I try and get out to see the colors every year. My bestie and I have already a planned a road trip to drive to the east side of the state (colors seem to be best out there) to see the red, yellow, orange, and purple leaves.  The vibrant reds and yellows are my favorites (go Cyclones!), but I really enjoy seeing all of them.

Hot cider
I'm not a pumpkin spice hater, but I'll choose cider first every day. All day. My favorite is the spiced stuff from Trader Joe's.

Cooler temperatures
I'm getting bored of my summer wardrobe. I'm ready to change it up with some long sleeves and jackets. Also hoodies.

Football and post-season baseball

I could watch college football all day on Saturday and not get bored. And I have no doubt I'll be tuning in for some October baseball even though my team is really far out of the hunt.

I cannot eat soup in the summer. Even though there are several recipes I love, I'm just not in the mood for them when the temperatures are 60 and above. 

What are your favorite fall things?

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