Friday, November 19, 2010

30 Days of Truth -- Day 8: Gives Me Hell

Day 8 -- Someone who made your life hell or treated you like shit.

I can only pick one person for this?  I could write a whole novel on people who have tried to make me feel miserable...and succeeded.
Do I go with the former classmate who made sure I spent most of my 6th grade lunches alone?  I still don't really know how she did it.  All I know is she told the other girls in my class something about me that made them dislike me/not trust me.  I guarantee whatever she told them was untrue.  But you know how girls can be.  You really only have to get one to believe it and soon everyone's ignoring the subject of the gossip.  I spent a lot of afternoons in tears. 
Do I choose the former supervisor who put me down on a regular basis?  I couldn't go a week without hearing how fat I was. I was repeatedly told I would never find a man if I didn't go to church (because that's where all the men are, apparently).  And I'll never forget her telling me I didn't have any friends because I brought everyone down.  Funny, because after all that 6th grade business, I don't remember ever feeling completely friendless in my life.
I suppose both of those women will have to share this space. I'm not in contact with either of them anymore (surprise!), and I've started making a practice of eliminating toxic people like them from my life. I just don't need it.  I can tear myself apart all by myself...I need people who are going to build me up and make me feel good.

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