Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Fiver: Sad Songs

Movies and tv shows don't make me cry nearly as often as songs do.  There are so many that have moved me to tears, that this list could easily be 20 songs, but I'll try to keep it at five.

Rascal Flatts - "Skin"
I was at a concert in Dallas when they sang this live for the first time ever (at audience request).  Gary choked up in the middle of it, and you can bet I was crying too. Right there in the middle of several thousand people.

Tyrone Wells - "Let Go"
I made the mistake of listening to Tyrone's "Metal & Wood" EP at work for the first time.  When I heard this song, I got goosebumps and tears were streaming down my face by the time it was over. I absolutely love it, but I pray I never see Tyrone play it live.  As a friend of mine would say, "I cry ugly."

Kasey Chambers - "Not Pretty Enough"
This song is probably one of my anthems. I ask myself the question in the chorus of this song all the time. During my senior year of college, my looks were attacked after I wrote a somewhat controversial column. Even though the comments were coming from complete strangers via the internet, they still cut through me. One of my favorite professors played this song for me, and I will never forget the feeling in that classroom. I can't remember another time I felt so supported and heartbroken at the same time. So I suppose this is a mixed, happy/sad cry. (BTW, embedding of the real video was disabled, but you can click here to watch it.)

Blaine Larsen - "How Do You Get That Lonely"
If you've ever lost someone to suicide, this song will hit you.  Hard. It asks a lot of questions always run through my head when I hear of someone taking their own life.  Sadly, I don't know anyone who knows the answer to those questions.

Joe Nichols - "I'll Wait For You"
The tears don't come until the last verse.  Oh, please let me find a love this strong.  (Another song with a similar sentiment is Collin Raye's "If You Get There Before I Do")

Alright, so I can't stop at five.  Still feel like crying? Here are some more.

I promise to counter with some happy songs next Friday. :-)

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  1. So many country songs! I knew Tyrone's would be on here. That is a good darn song.


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