Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Excerpts from my teenage diary - part 3

(Sorry for the long hiatus. I've been busy with the "30 Days of Truth" meme...along with work and life.)

May 16, 1994
I don't like [crush b] anymore. I mean, he's ok, but I think [crush c's full name] is hot! He's so cute! He's pretty short and he's in 7th grade, but I can't look past all that and his cuteness pretty much covers it up. [crush b] is going with [girl's name] again, but [girl's name] is actually pretty nice once you get to know her. My party on May 6th went great and Adventureland was fun! I got embarassed three times today! First during 4th period English I found out that almost every boy in the 8th and 8th grade heard in the locker room that I liked [crush c]. Then 2nd, I was putting my music away after our solo group and [crush b] came up to me with a mouthpiece and said "Here's [crush c's] mouthpiece!" and put it up to my mouth - I just made a disgusted face and turned away. I then put my folder away and turned to run and I ended up tripping over [crush b's] [instrument] and embarassing myself (that's the 3rd). Everybody in there was laughing. [boy's name] said, "ooh, you tripped over [crush b's] [instrument]!" They laughed again and I just said, "You are sick!" and left. I bet they'll never let me forget it!

June 20, 1994
Summer vacation is awesome. Our softball record is 3-1! I like [crush b] again! I see him almost everyday at driver's ed, and what do you think I'm doing during class?! Surely, you don't think I'm actually paying attention, do you!? I also like [crush d] and [crush e]. [crush e] can be a jerk sometimes, but he's really cute!

Sept. 25, 1994
Last night was the night of the homecoming dance. I went with Luke but only as friends. It was really fun. I went to Amy Z.'s before and got ready. Then Mick (Amy's date) and Luke came over and we had pizza. The dance itself was pretty much a blast.

Nov. 4, 1994
Tonight was a great night. I went skating in Iowa Falls with Brooke, Seth and Tanner. It was really fun. Seth couldn't skate very well, he lept falling and usually one of us would fall too. We did the Hokey Pokey and played four corners, but we didn't even attempt the limbo. The Moonlight Skate was really sad. Brooke and I had asked Seth and Tanner to skate with us, but they had refused. The song was "Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad." Brooke and I sat on the side and watched the happy people on the floor for awhile but after a little bit we couldn't take it anymore. We went in the restroom and hid out until the song was over. Then we went out and changed so we could leave. My dad wasn't there yet, so we decided to start walking to Fareway. We really didn' tthink it was very far but it ended up taking us half and hour to get there.

March 17, 1995
Today was St. Patrick's Day and all the guys went to the State Tourney (Boo!). Tonight, I went out with Amber, Diana and Amy S. We went to Dairy Queen and ate, then we went and bowled a few games. After that we decided to get really wild. We got gum and Diana took the sunroof out of her car. Then we drove around Iowa Falls and let our bras hang out the sunroof. When we got bored of that, we went to Hubbard and did the same thing. When the girls' track team got back, Jill climbed in the car and joined the ride. We drove around for awhile. When the guys' bus got back, we hung out the sunroof and waved to them.

March 20, 1995
Tonight was really exciting! I got to go meet the Iowa State Cyclones! Even my love - Hurl Beechum. I got Hurl to sign my hat and t-shirt, plus I got Fred Hoiberg and Julius Michalik to sign my t-shirt. When I go to hear them speak on April 28th, I'm going to get the rest of the autographs. I was so awed and mesmorized by them. My dad did all the talking. I brushed hands w/ Fred and his arm bumped my shoulder. I also touched hands w/ Julo. It was a night I'll always remember!

March 21, 1995
Today was a very interesting day. A lot of peole seem mad at me. I don't think they are, but it sure seems like it. [insert names] will hardlly talk to me. I don't know what I did but I hate it when people are mad at me. Another thing happened during P.E. It's happened several times before and I don't know why, but I caught [crush f], the guy of my dreams, staring at me while we were getting ready to stretch out. Why would he stare at me? I don't know but I'm really going to try hard to find out.

Oh man, I don't know if I can continue posting these entries.  They're pretty embarassing.  I even left out huge chunks that would have been impossible to live down.  I've also looked ahead at the entries on the way and might have to skip some.  They're just too personal, and there'd be no way to disguise the people I mention in them.

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