Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Baseball and a boy

It's hard to write about what's on my mind lately, because it's mostly overtaken by baseball and a guy I'm merely referring to as The Distraction right now.  Not exactly hot topics for this space ... for different reasons.

I tend to keep all of my baseball musings over on the blog devoted to that so as not to run off the people who don't like baseball (it seems I know a lot of these people, believe it or not). Make no mistake though.  Baseball is pretty much my life right now.  I am really excited to watch my beloved Texas Rangers in their second straight (and second ever) World Series tonight.  I will probably be a nervous wreck for the next week or so (I think this series will go six games).  It's a crazy ride, but I love it anyway.  And I get to share it with some awesome fans.  I wish I could share it with them in person, but for now, I'll settle for joining them via twitter, facebook and my favorite Rangers message board.  

I'm keeping The Distraction's identity somewhat secret (except for some of my VIPs).  Not because they're the only people I trust but because sometimes it's fun to have something just for me.  Plus, I'm not really sure The Distraction will ever become anything more.  And that's fine. He's making me smile right now, and I'm quite content with that.  Sometimes a smile is enough.

I am open to questions on this blog, by the way.  If there's anything you've ever wanted to ask me, post it in the comments here.  I'll answer the questions if I get enough to warrant a post.  Maybe it'll give me more ideas for future blog posts. 

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