Friday, January 13, 2012

Currently ...

Snagged this from Emily!

Currently ...
current book:

current playlist:

current color:

current food:

current favorite show(s): 
"The Biggest Loser," "How I Met Your Mother," "Glee," "Grey's Anatomy," 
"Private Practice," "One Tree Hill," "The Bachelor."
And this isn't even everything I DVR. Yeah, I watch a lot of TV.

current needs:
A little down time.

current triumphs:
Making progress on my novel, 
seeing numbers on the scale go down.

current banes of my existence:
Planks and burpees.

current celebrity crush:
Yep, he's still my number one until further notice.

current #1 blessing:
Good friends who help me keep my head up,
music (always!) and the knowledge that baseball is on the way.
current indulgence: 
 I made some of these last weekend ... so good.

current outfit:
khaki pants, 
white long sleeved t-shirt under a blue and white cowlneck sweater, 
brown belt, 
brown boots.

current excitement:
Being lazy and catching up on DVR tonight,
lunch with a friend tomorrow

current mood:

current favorite quote or verse: 
"Nobody has it easy. Everybody has problems whether it’s friends, family, school, money, food, or even shelter. You don’t know what they go through. Nobody is perfect, nobody deserves to be to perfect. So before you start judging, criticizing, or mocking, remember everybody is fighting their own war."
((One of my facebook friends posted that today, and it is so true.))

current favorite app:

current favorite product:
Mary Kay Foundation Primer
It makes my skin feel so smooth and 
helps my makeup last longer during the day.

Happy Friday everyone!

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