Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK ...

... that I'm going to see "The Hunger Games" by myself this weekend.
I love going to movies solo.
And I'm not waiting any longer to see this movie.
Oh, and I'm Team Peeta ...
... even if the guy cast in the role looks nothing like the Peeta I pictured in my head.

... to be excited about a quiet weekend alone.
I've had so much fun with friends and family the past few weekends.
But I'm ready for some solo time.
And writing time.

... that I'd rather run that do almost any other form of exercise.
Except Zumba, of course.
Nothing ranks above Zumba right now.
But running is second.  Especially in this gorgeous weather.

... to have completely unrealistic daydreams.
Getting to touch Elvis Andrus' hair.
Writing a novel that becomes a movie.
Winning a huge lottery prize.
Ending up with that guy I know who gives me more than butterflies.
None of it will never happen, but it's fun to think about.

... that strangers have said some of the meanest things to me and about me recently.
In the past few months, I've had some horrible things said about me in public and private forums.
When I was in AZ, a woman walked up to me and told me I had beautiful hair, 
but then added that I should let it grow longer "because [I'm] chubby."

... to be upset by those comments, but then realize those people don't even know me.
I'm not sure what makes them think they have the right to say those things.
But the people who know me seem to think THOSE people are crazy.
I just need to remember to put more stock in the opinions of people who know me.
Sometimes that's easier said than done.


What's OK with you today?


  1. I love going to the movie solo, sometimes its a pain to wait for someone to go see it. Also "F" those random people judging you without having a clue who you really are! I hate backhanded compliments, just saying your hair is beautiful is more than enough it doesnt need to be followed up with that crap about being chubby.

  2. I want to win the 500 million lottery. Can you imagine? Jeez.

  3. I LOVE Zumba !!! And I'm Team Peeta too!!!

    visiting via It's OK Thursday linkup!

    Happy Thursday!!! :-)

  4. I'm sorry that people have said some mean things to you. :( I will SO unleash the wrath of Rachel on them!

    I hope your book becomes a movie. If Drew Seeley ends up being in it, I'll take acting lessons so I can be in it too!! :)

    Can't wait to meet you next weekend!!


  5. Oh my gosh what a B**ch! I can't believe people these days! I love your hair and think you are gorgeous! It's the UGLY people that think it's ok to say crap like that! I love it when I actually have any alone time! Doesn't happen too often but I soak it up when it does! Looking forward to following you girl!

  6. I'm a new follower and have enjoyed reading your blog so far. Neither Peeta nor Gale looked as I had imagined them! They were much cuter in my version! I love running more than any other exercise too. I have been doing it a long time, but I am in a running slump right now.

    As I have transitioned into the "adult" world (post-college, real job), I have had to come to the realization that there are some adults out there that are just rude. People who follow up a compliment with an insult are the worst. They are just insecure about themselves!


  7. I love alone time and going to the movies by myself ranks up there, too. You've got a rad weekend ahead of you!

  8. Alone time is sometimes the best! Dont let rude negative people bring you down. I dont understand how people can be so cruel. You are a beautiful and smart woman!


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