Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving ...

... linking up with Jamie again this week.
She has a really great blog, and I love this link-up.

... the No plain T's pin I won on Sarcasm & Curls a few weeks ago.
 I'm finally getting a chance to wear it.
I love how it looks. I'll probably order another before too long.

... the fitness challenge group a friend and I started last night on Twitter.
Both of us were looking for the motivation to stay active. 
Want to join us?
All you have to do is tweet your fitness activity for the day with this hashtag - #GetYourAssMovingApril.
Sorry for the profanity, but it's a fun group.  We already have about a dozen people in it.

... that Opening Day is just nine days away.
I am going to DFW for the holiday, and I have some fun plans.
I'm anxious to meet new friends and see longtime ones.

... the great workout I got in last night.
After 30 minutes of kettlebell, I went for an hour-long walk/run.
I wanted to run more, but my legs were still shaky from kettlebell.
But it was gorgeous outside, so it was good to be out in it.

... the Andy Grammer song "Fine By Me."

Seriously obsessed.
I dance in my chair, living room, car -- wherever I am -- when I hear it.

What are you loving today?


  1. I love that shirt!!!
    I can't wait for baseball!!! My nights are so boring right now.

  2. The pin looks great! Thanks for linking me! :)


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