Friday, June 1, 2012

Just my type

I've always been a little boy crazy.  Just ask my parents.  Or my best friends. 

My crush list (yes, I kept an actual list) from grade school through college is just ridiculous.  I haven't added as many names since graduating college.  I'd like to think it's because I've matured, but let's be real -- it's because it's hard to meet new guys. 

And I think I'm a lot more jaded. 

Not jaded enough though. 

I still crush pretty easily.  I guess I'm still a little bit of a romantic.

And I definitely have a type.

I'm not just talking about looks or personality either, although there are certainly some similarities there.

Let me tell you about a few guys who have set my heart racing in recent years. 

See if you can spot the trend ...

The guy I referred to only as Eye Candy. 
OK, so there have been two of these.  
One in the last town I lived in and one in the current town.  
I talked  to both of them ... in limited form ... but not really.
That wasn't their purpose.

The maybe gay guy.
Friends suspect he's gay, but no one really knows for sure.
But that doesn't matter to me.
He's just another guy to think about.

The minor league baseball player.
He's attractive, and he plays my favorite game.
He's not yet famous enough to be unapproachable.
But he's just far enough out there to be unrealistic.
After all, "there's no such thing as a single ballplayer."

The brother of a twitter/facebook friend.  
I love when pictures of him show up in my friend's feed.
I have bothered my friend about him a few times. Or a lot of times.
But I'm pretty sure the (hot) brother has no idea I exist.  
And he lives in Texas. So ... you know.

The really, really nice guy in the friend zone.
He's thoughtful and caring.
He offers compliments and builds my confidence like no one else.
I pretend his actions mean he's interested, but he never actually asks me out.

The boy who roots for a rival sports team, hates baseball and holds different political beliefs.  
He's gorgeous. And I don't even feel like that adjective is strong enough.
He's so many things, and he inspires a lot of thoughts that are not family friendly.
He's almost perfect. Almost.
Except he's my polar opposite in sports and politics, which takes him out of the running.

Did you figure out my type?

I choose the safe ones.

The ones who can never be mine.
The ones who have no idea I exist.
The ones who are just fun to think about.
The ones who are just imperfect enough that it doesn't hurt not to have them.
The ones who can never reject me.

They're safe.
And so is my heart.

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