Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK ...

... that today feels like Monday, thanks to the holiday.
At least tomorrow really is Friday.
Makes it seem like a super short week.


... that I read a whole book yesterday between my plans.
 It was so funny, and I could not put it down.
I'm digging into the sequel tonight.


... that I'm really excited for my birthday weekend.
Hickory Park, tattoos, Farmer's Market, "RENT."
It will be ah-may-zing.


... that I want to see the new "Spider-Man" movie solely for the eye candy.
 Andrew Garfield.
Yum. So much hotter than Tobey Maguire.


... that I'm anxious to see the new episode of "Awkward." tonight.
I watched a marathon of the first season last week.
I am hooked. Completely.


... to be so proud that seven Rangers are going to the All-Star Game.
 Mike Napoli, Adrian Beltre, Josh Hamilton, Ian Kinsler, Elvis Andrus, Matt Harrison & Joe Nathan.
And it might be eight if Yu Darvish wins the final vote.


... that I probably blew most of my WW flex points yesterday.
There was so much good food.
I don't regret it a bit.

What's OK with you today?


  1. Hey that's what the flex points are there for! So you can splurge and enjoy yourself :) I'm getting back on my weight watchers plan next week- I'll be looking to you for inspiration!

  2. Yay for RENT! I love that play so so much.
    Yeah, today sooo feels like monday. But a super extra dragging monday. I'm about to pass out at my desk right now lol!

  3. Today totally did feel like a Monday.
    Thank goodness it's not.

  4. I feel like Spiderman has been overdone, like, x1,000,000,000 in the last 10 years. However, I must agree with your point. I have a hard time taking a movie seriously if Tobey Macguire is the leading man.

  5. Today DID feel like a Monday!

  6. I SO agree with today feeling like Monday and GO RANGERS!


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