Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Funday

I went to see "Magic Mike" with my bestie, Jamie, on Friday night.

 If you're expecting great acting or a complex plot, skip it.
But if you just want to be entertained and look at hot men, get on it.

Truthfully, I could have done with more dancing scenes and less "plot."
But it was worth every penny of my $7.

 When I posted this pic on facebook, more people commented on the price than anything.
Sometimes I forget the perks of small town life.


I'm sad I have to skip today's Sunday Social.

Sunday Social

I just don't have much to contribute because it's all about fashion, and if you've seen me, you know I wear what I like and it rarely has any kind of designer label on it.  In fact, I don't think I have anything that carries a designer label unless St. John's Bay counts (those are my favorite work pants ever).

Even though I'm not contributing, you should hop over there and check it out.
Link-ups are my favorite way to discover new blogs.

Next week's questions are about TV,
so I should be able to get back in then.
Just ask my DVR about my TV addiction.


It's now July!!  It's my birthday month!!
Birthdays are really special to me.
Not just because of the gifts or all the facebook wishes --- although those are really fun.
I even got a fb wall post from my teenage crush last year.

I pretty much screamed and then fainted when I saw that post.
It was about an hour early, but still...
I wouldn't mind another celeb birthday wish this year.

No, but honestly.  I don't even want anything for my birthday.

Well, except for maybe...
... a Rangers win ...
... some things off my Amazon wishlist ...
... and a few more things I'm not going to list here.

But seriously. I just want to enjoy time with friends and family.
And I've already got that booked, so I'm good.
I can't wait.

I keep reading about blogger meet-ups, and I've been pretty jealous.  
There aren't many bloggers in my area.  
Or maybe I just don't know about them.
And maybe they don't know about me.

I went over to Whispering Sweet Nothings and added my pin on Bloggers Coast-to-Coast.

Have you checked it out yet?


I'm so ready for this crazy, broken up week ahead.
 The Wednesday holiday is sure to make things seem a bit weird.
But I love the 4th of July.
Fireworks are the best.


  1. Ah, can't wait to see it! Happy birthday month! Love 4th of July too- can't wait :) Happy Sunday, friend!

  2. I'm going to see Magic Mike tonight, and could care less about the plot hahah!


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