Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear Casey,
I know you didn't enjoy the car ride to the groomer's office. And you probably didn't like the dog smells. Or the cold table you were on while the sweet groomer lady buzzed off your best feature -- your gorgeous fur.  I'm so sorry. But at some point in the past few months, your gorgeous fur became matted (probably because you don't trust me enough to let me brush you), and I didn't have another choice. I'm just glad you forgave me rather quickly, and even though you look kind of funny, you're still beautiful to me. And I love you so much.  P.S. I really like it when you sit by me.  Can you do that more often?  Please and thanks, baby.

Here's Casey with her half-buzzed fur.

Dear novel beta readers,
Your support for "Riffs of Regrets" has been unbelievable.  I can't wait for you to see the finished product.  I've been making some edits, improvements and maybe even a little bit of a change to the ending.  Nothing drastic.  Don't worry.  Tara still gets her due.  And Luke is still awesome.  But I want this story to be as close to perfect as it can possibly be.  I hope you'll still support it when it's published (even though you've read the whole thing for free so far ... ha ha!).


Dear friends with cute babies,
You are not helping my loud biological clock with your sweet facebook posts and adorable pictures. Can you talk more about the sleepless nights, the screaming and the lack of "me" time?  Or maybe tell me it'll make my boobs weird? That might help me more.  Your kiddos and kiddo stories are just too cute. I can't take much more. P.S.  No poop or diaper photos are necessary.  Please and thanks.


Dear Rangers,
July was rough.  And it tested our relationship. But we made it through.  August is off to a fantastic start. Please keep this up.  I love October baseball, and I enjoy it exponentially more when you are in it. More offense. Sharper pitching. Less errors. Let's do it.


Dear Mike Olt,
Welcome to the big leagues. I enjoyed looking at you watching you during spring training. I'm so excited to see you in a Rangers uniform. And I'm even more excited to see what you can bring to this team.
Mike Olt!!!

Dear Las Vegas,
I read Amy's post about you yesterday.  We are due for a second date. I want to see some of the other hotels, have a drink by the pool, eat at Sugar Factory again and check out a new show (and maybe go back for another round of Chippendales ... heh).  Let's make this happn. Soon, mmkay?


Dear Rachel,
Thank you for the Rangers yearbook you sent along with the edits to my novel. That was completely unnecessary but also wholly appreciated.  I truly wish I'd known you (and a few of our other mutual Rangers tweeps) when I was living in Texas.  We could have had some good times together. I'm not saying we still can't, but ... it'd be easier if I lived closer. I'll do my best to get to Arlington next season.


Dear tax-free weekend,
I hope you will bless me with a good deal on new running shoes. I love my Nikes, but I think we've gone about as far as we can go together. I've had them for more than two years.  Even though I don't run very far, very often or year-round, they are probably beyond ready for retirement.


Dear weekend,
We are going to have a great time together.  A little work, a little play.  It's going to be so good.

TGIF, y'all!!


  1. Aw, thanks for mentioning me!! I feel so honored!! :) And that picture of your cat cracks me up every time I see it, I love it! :)

    PS. I'm so in for a Vegas trip!!!


  2. Oooh it's tax-free weekend?? I need some things too ;)

    I'd love a date with Las Vegas as well!

  3. Let's all go back to Vegas!!! haha

    Happy Friday! Drop by and say hello!

  4. My cat needs a shave down too! In his transition from streets to shelter to me it all went CRAZY!

    I am headed for Vegas in 2 weeks! & it cannot come fast enough =D

    Happy Weekend =D

  5. I hope your weekend was fabulous x


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